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[pop-uh l]
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verb (used without object), pop·pled, pop·pling.
  1. to move in a tumbling, irregular manner, as boiling water.
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  1. a poppling motion.
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Origin of popple1

1300–50; Middle English poplen; imitative; see -le


[pop-uh l]
noun Northern U.S.
  1. a poplar of the genus Populus.
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Origin of popple2

before 1000; Middle English; Old English popul < Latin pōpulus
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Examples from the Web for popple

Historical Examples

  • The wind dragged a shirt-sleeve from the 'popple' or pebble which held it down.

    The Well-Beloved

    Thomas Hardy

  • To these we fastened cross pieces of "popple" and on this put a tick filled with wild hay and corn stalk leaves.

  • I was working in my field, throwing out manure, when I saw the prisoner come out of the popple thicket on Pritchard's place.

    The Adventures of Bobby Orde

    Stewart Edward White

  • He had lost track of his victim in the popple thicket, but had come across Kincaid's cap, which he had appropriated.

    The Adventures of Bobby Orde

    Stewart Edward White

  • We had been giving the ladies a pull about the harbour, and were passing the “Popple,” when her owner made his appearance on deck.

British Dictionary definitions for popple


verb (intr)
  1. (of boiling water or a choppy sea) to heave or toss; bubble
  2. (often foll by along) (of a stream or river) to move with an irregular tumbling motionthe small rivulet poppled along over rocks and stones for half a mile
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Word Origin

C14: of imitative origin; compare Middle Dutch popelen to bubble, throb
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