[ pawr-tuh-bel-oh, pohr- ]


, plural por·to·bel·los.



[ pawr-toh-bel-oh, pohr- ]


  1. a small seaport on the Caribbean coast of Panama, NE of Colón: harbor discovered and named by Columbus 1502; a principal city of Spanish colonial America.

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Example Sentences

Dennis Friedman would soak, marinate, compress and skewer portobello mushrooms until they ballooned out and “looked like meat on a spit,” the chef and co-founder recalls.

Alas, thanks to legions of soggy bell pepper-zucchini skewers and undercooked slabs of eggplant, grilled vegetables tend to be a tough sell among the meat-eating crowd — woe to the marinated portobello that dares to compete with a rack of pork ribs.

From Eater

Check the package label, or seek out Dole Portobello Mushrooms and Monterey Mushrooms.

Cool restaurants along Portobello Road are gone, replaced by restaurants affordable only for bankers and foreigners.

The roasted portobello and their pizzas are worth the trip alone.

Even Stephen King said, with Portobello, Rendell “has surpassed herself.”

Lamb burgers, turkey burgers, tuna burgers, Portobello mushroom burgers… There are lots of options for what a burger can be.

Vice-Admiral Vernon with only six men-of-war had taken the town of Portobello, and levelled its fortifications.

Usually the soldiers went down High Street and out to Portobello on the sea.

Portobello (with Panama on the other side of the narrow isthmus) was the sole commercial harbour of South America.

The captain of the Portobello, a hale, blue-eyed grey-beard, was the last upon the deck.

Puerto de Bastimentos is a harbor about twelve miles northeast of Portobello.





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