[pawr-tuh-bel-oh, pohr-]

noun, plural por·to·bel·los.


[pawr-toh-bel-oh, pohr-]


a small seaport on the Caribbean coast of Panama, NE of Colón: harbor discovered and named by Columbus 1502; a principal city of Spanish colonial America.
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  • Even Stephen King said, with Portobello, Rendell “has surpassed herself.”

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  • Lamb burgers, turkey burgers, tuna burgers, Portobello mushroom burgers… There are lots of options for what a burger can be.

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  • Try the fresh salads (portobello mushroom and Caprese) and anything pasta-based is a sure thing.

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    June 18, 2010

  • Portobello Pizzas Homemade pizza of one persuasion or another has been a traditional food in my household for decades.

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type of mushroom, by 1986, no agreed-upon theory accounts for the name, which seems to be a marketing coinage. London's Portobello Road (one suggested source of the mushroom name) originally was the lane to Porto Bello House, named for the Panamanian place captured by the British under Vernon in 1739.

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