1. happening or existing after a war

    the early post-war years

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Example Sentences

He used these markers as a platform to introduce new type of art market to post-war Japan.

Many of the great bills of the post-war era emerged from those sessions.

His inheritance, which ran to millions of Deutschmarks, was worth only pennies after the raging post-war inflation.

It was the first time in post-war Japan that such arrests had been made.

He remains the longest-serving post-war prime minister by a wide margin.

All the great industries were absorbing men, striving to be first in the field of post-war production.

Yet prices and taxes were low enough to excite the envy of the harassed post-war householder.

His rise to national prominence as economist for the post-war Administrator of President Drayton in 1966.

He thought back, remembering the rash of post-war scandals and profit-gouging trials, the anti-trust trials.

The failure lay in the mental and moral condition of the degraded post-war audience.