[ pohst-puh-zish-uhn, pohst-puh-zish-uhn ]

  1. the act of placing after.

  2. the state of being so placed.

  1. Grammar.

    • the use of words, particles, or affixes following the elements they modify or govern, as of the adjective general in attorney general, or of the particle e “to” in Japanese Tokyo e “to Tokyo.”

    • a word, particle, or affix so used.

Origin of postposition

1540–50; post- + position or (pre)position1

Other words from postposition

  • post·po·si·tion·al, adjective

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How to use postposition in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for postposition


/ (ˌpəʊstpəˈzɪʃən) /

  1. placement of a modifier or other speech element after the word that it modifies or to which it is syntactically related

  2. a word or speech element so placed

Derived forms of postposition

  • postpositional, adjective
  • postpositionally, adverb

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