[ pree-dawn, pree- ]


  1. the period immediately preceding dawn.


  1. noting the time immediately prior to dawn.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of predawn1

First recorded in 1945–50; pre- + dawn

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Example Sentences

The Sprint is my choice for backcountry skiing, too, because it’s powerful enough to illuminate the trail if I’m off to a predawn start or stuck on the trail after dusk.

The start time for any precipitation, which isn’t fully guaranteed to show up, could be as early as around midnight or into the predawn.

If the precipitation materializes, it probably would begin very late Saturday night into the predawn hours Sunday and continue through around midday Sunday.

The forecast radar shown below, from the HRRR, indicates the snow breaks out predawn and continues into the evening.

Any snow locally should tend to end in the predawn period, but it may last through sunrise or shortly thereafter to the south in particular.

A predawn firefight has left at least one, and possibly as many as four pro-Russian activists dead.

By then, smoke was filling part of the ship, billowing up to the top decks in the predawn light.

Jessica Buchanan is safe after a daring predawn raid on the Somali pirate compound where she was held for four months.

Knowing that nothing was in sight but waiting was a letdown after the activity of the predawn hours.

After breakfast they stepped into the cold predawn blackness.





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