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[ pree-ok-yuh-pey-shuhn, pree-ok- ]


  1. the state of being preoccupied. preoccupy.
  2. an act of preoccupying.


/ priːˌɒkjʊˈpeɪʃən; priːˈɒkjʊpənsɪ /


  1. the state of being preoccupied, esp mentally
  2. something that holds the attention or preoccupies the mind

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Other Words From

  • over·pre·occu·pation noun
  • self-pre·occu·pation noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of preoccupation1

1530–40; < Latin praeoccupātiōn- (stem of praeoccupātiō ) a taking possession beforehand. See pre-, occupation
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Example Sentences

Lee’s tenure at Princeton for many years has no doubt provided him with much material about the preoccupations of a young person in a New Jersey college town.

The showdown between Bill Clinton and Bob Dole on the campus of the University of San Diego is a time capsule into a previous generation’s preoccupations.

Finding the right definition for an object, at the right level of generality, is a major preoccupation of the mathematicians building mathlib.

Concerns over food — and its absence — have long been a preoccupation of China’s rulers.

From Ozy

In fact, a preoccupation with death and particularly skulls emerges across the region at this time and in the centuries following, with human remains commonly buried inside people’s houses.

Now, Nelly is not famous for his political activism or preoccupation with African-American issues.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates observed a preoccupation with exit over strategy.

Everyone is aware of the Asian cultural preoccupation with saving face.

This was an unprecedentedly practical attempt to hasten on the Last Days, that recurrent Protestant preoccupation.

Testing preoccupation has led to the arts, PE, history, and even sciences being downgraded—and replaced by test prep.

His secret thoughts he buried beneath a continuous mental preoccupation with the vain and the trivial.

In many passage this preoccupation with aroma appears, surrounding with a subtle cloud all persons and things.

The fate of Vakoula the Smith was Tchaikovskys chief preoccupation at this time.

I merely noticed a growing preoccupation in her manner and in her attitude towards me, which changed perceptibly.

Mrs. Garden's chief preoccupation was that the new house should have water upstairs and a cupboard at every turn.


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