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  1. preparatory school.
  2. a preliminary or warm-up activity or event; trial run: The race is a good prep for the Kentucky Derby.
  3. preparation: dealer prep on the car included.
  4. the act of preparing a patient for a medical or surgical procedure.
  1. preparatory: a prep school.
  2. involving or used for preparation: the mortuary's prep room.
verb (used with object), prepped, prep·ping.
  1. to prepare (a person) for a test, debate, etc.
  2. to prepare (a patient) for a medical or surgical procedure, as by shaving and washing the skin with an antibacterial soap.
  3. to prepare (a vehicle or craft) for sale, use, a test drive, or a race.
verb (used without object), prepped, prep·ping.
  1. to prepare; get ready: to prep for the game.
  2. to attend a preparatory school.

Origin of prep

First recorded in 1860–65; by shortening

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  1. informal short for preparation (def. 5), mainly US preparatory school
verb preps, prepping or prepped
  1. (tr) to prepare (a patient) for a medical operation or procedure


abbreviation for
  1. preparation
  2. preparatory
  3. preposition
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Word Origin and History for prep

1862, short for preparation. Prep school attested from 1895, short for preparatory school. First record of prep in the sense "student or graduate of a preparatory school" is from 1899 (also see preppie).


slang shortening of prepare, 1908. Related: Prepped; prepping.

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prep in Medicine


  1. To prepare for a medical examination or surgical procedure.
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