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[pri-zent-muh nt]
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  1. an act of presenting, especially to the mind, as an idea, view, etc.
  2. the state of being presented.
  3. a presentation.
  4. the manner or mode in which something is presented.
  5. a representation, picture, or likeness.
  6. Commerce. the presenting of a bill, note, or the like, as for acceptance or payment.
  7. Law. the written statement of an offense by a grand jury, of their own knowledge or observation, when no indictment has been laid before them.
  8. a theatrical or dramatic presentation.
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Origin of presentment

1275–1325; Middle English presentement < Middle French. See present2, -ment
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Historical Examples

  • His presentment at the arched loophole in his stockade was formidable.

    They of the High Trails

    Hamlin Garland

  • Poor Lovejoy's letter reads as if he had a presentment of his coming doom.

    The Jefferson-Lemen Compact

    Willard C. MacNaul.

  • She gazed at it, fascinated, as one is by one's own presentment.

  • He was wondering if his presentment about Julia as the great thing in his life had been an illusion.


    Evelyn Scott

  • All these things Verse disposes, and composes, in One Presentment.

British Dictionary definitions for presentment


  1. the act of presenting or state of being presented; presentation
  2. something presented, such as a picture, play, etc
  3. law, mainly US a statement on oath by a grand jury of something within their own knowledge or observation, esp the commission of an offence when the indictment has been laid before them
  4. commerce the presenting of a bill of exchange, promissory note, etc
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Word Origin and History for presentment


"act of presenting," c.1300, from Old French presentement "presentation (of a person) at a ceremony" (12c.), from presenter (see present (v.)).

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