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[ prez-er-vey-shuhn ]


  1. the act or process of keeping something in existence:

    The creation, stabilization, and preservation of quality long-term affordable housing is a critical step in maintaining a healthy community.

  2. the act or process of keeping something safe from damage or deterioration:

    The facilities include air-conditioned storage vaults for optimum preservation of the historic film archive.

    The natural growth of population continuously presents problems for the preservation of the environment.

  3. the process of preparing food or other perishables to resist spoilage or decomposition:

    Historic techniques of food preservation include drying, smoking, pickling, and salting.

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Other Words From

  • non·pres·er·va·tion noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of preservation1

First recorded in 1400–50; from Medieval Latin praeservātion-, stem of praeservātio “a guarding,” equivalent to praeservāt-, stem of praeservāre + Latin -iō -ion ( def ); preserve ( def )

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Example Sentences

A Friday panel will examine how traditional historic preservation has often neglected important stories.

Anich is confident that the glow isn’t an artifact of preservation, because several of the examined squirrel species and the echidna pelts didn’t fluoresce.

While years and years of preservation have gone into keeping the 226-foot-long vessel alive out of its watery grave, iron and metal nails in the wood have already started acidifying and thereby destroying the wood.

She wrote the majority opinion in at least two cases — including one brought by a park preservation group against Barack Obama’s presidential center in Chicago — denying opponents standing in court.

Those two steps are crucial, because they lower the chance of dangerous microbes getting into your precious preserves.

But plans to build a hotel and tourist facilities over one-third of the village have raised local preservation concerns.

Without the community, the ultimate destiny of any preservation project, no matter how ambitious, will be short-lived.

As Yablon pointed out at the opening, some time capsules do not invite the public to submit their own artifacts for preservation.

By stimulating regions of the brain, the preservation of muscle activity and sensation can be confirmed.

Some were injected with chemicals or dosed in lime for better preservation.

In short, in a few minutes, he might have the safety of his father, and the preservation of Europe in his hand.

This is a very curious and remarkable set of instruments, very highly finished and in fine preservation.

They are now in general use as the best means of preservation against damage and a good resting place at all times.

Considering its age, it is in a wonderfully good state of preservation, the original roof still being intact.

His version adheres as closely to the original as is compatible with elegance and the preservation of metrical grace.


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