price controls

  1. Measures, usually temporary, taken by governments to limit price rises in times of rapid inflation .

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Example Sentences

Sucks to be Venezuelan: the country has run out of toilet paper, thanks to price controls straight out of a Woody Allen movie.

The combination of price controls and currency controls spells trouble.

Megan: So the danger of price controls is that you forfeit the opportunity to get a best fit.

No, maybe, that's not quite fair: governments in Western Europe did use price controls to hold down the cost of health care.

It's not whether price controls can work, but whether Americans will accept them.

Our economy has been freed from governmental wage and price controls.

Under my program of phased decontrol, domestic crude oil price controls will end September 30, 1981.

Statutory price controls on food limited profits to reasonable ones according to the distance of the supply.


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