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private investigator


  1. private detective. : PI, p.i., P.I.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of private investigator1

First recorded in 1935–40
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Example Sentences

The NFL told Snyder to “back off” after the owner’s private investigators rattled former employees by approaching them at their homes or over the phone.

Two prominent Maryland lawyers and a private investigator have been charged with conspiring to block a federal investigation into money laundering connected to a sprawling drug operation.

Boice founded Trustify in 2015, saying he was inspired by his own divorce to start a company that would rent out private investigators via cellphone at low rates.

When he was younger, Wilson worked as a private investigator, and his output has a voyeuristic undercurrent.

A couple of the private investigators we hired said, “Everyone can be located.”

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Fama now has a private investigator who says he is actively working the case.

The message came from a transcript of micro-cassettes recovered from private investigator Gleen Mulcaire's home.

Rowe spent his last years working as a private investigator in Savannah, Georgia.

Others, like Los Angeles private investigator Jan Tucker, suspect Dorner may be getting help.

The university then hired a private investigator, whose findings were shared with the family on Jan. 5.

All a private investigator needed was one good break like this, and he was made.

I took the liberty of having a private investigator check into your background.

Luciferous Warniferous, the world's great private investigator.

She has put the matter in the hands of a private investigator.





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