[ proh-beyt ]
/ ˈproʊ beɪt /


Law. the official proving of a will as authentic or valid in a probate court.
an officially certified copy of a will so proved.


of or relating to probate or a probate court.

verb (used with object), pro·bat·ed, pro·bat·ing.

to establish the authenticity or validity of (a will).
Law. to put (an offender) on probation.

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Origin of probate

1400–50; late Middle English probat < Latin probātum a thing approved, noun use of neuter past participle of probāre to test and find good; see probe, -ate1

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/ (ˈprəʊbɪt, -beɪt) /


the act or process of officially proving the authenticity and validity of a will
  1. the official certificate stating a will to be genuine and conferring on the executors power to administer the estate
  2. the probate copy of a will
(in the US) all matters within the jurisdiction of a probate court
(modifier) of, relating to, or concerned with probateprobate value; a probate court


(tr) mainly US and Canadian to establish officially the authenticity and validity of (a will)

Word Origin for probate

C15: from Latin probāre to inspect

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