[ proh-bey-shuh-ner-ee ]
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  1. being or relating to an act, process, or period of testing, as of a person’s character, performance, qualifications, etc.: All our new hires have probationary status until their three-month review.

  2. Law.

    • relating to probation, a method of dealing with offenders, especially youth guilty of minor crimes or first offenses, by allowing them to go at large under the supervision of a probation officer: The judge’s options include sending the minor to a probationary camp for juvenile offenders.

    • relating to conditional release: Clients who have completed the probationary period are discharged from the program and released from their prison sentence.

  1. Education. being or relating to a trial period or condition of students who are being permitted to redeem academic failures, misconduct, etc.: Remediation plans for each probationary student must be submitted to the department Chair by midterm.

Origin of probationary

  • Rarely pro·ba·tion·al [proh-bey-shuh-nl] /proʊˈbeɪ ʃə nl/ .

Other words from probationary

  • un·pro·ba·tion·ar·y, un·pro·ba·tion·al, adjective

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