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[ proh-gram, -gruhm ]


  1. a plan of action to accomplish a specified end:

    a school lunch program.

  2. a plan or schedule of activities, procedures, etc., to be followed.
  3. a broadcasted television or radio production or similar internet-based content produced for distribution.
  4. Also called com·put·er pro·gram. Digital Technology. a precise sequence of instructions enabling a computer to perform a task; a piece of software.
  5. a collection of principles, actions, objectives, etc., established with a long-term goal in mind; platform; policy:

    A review of our education initiatives and programs suggests we are meeting our goals.

  6. a list of items, pieces, performers, etc., in a musical, theatrical, or other entertainment.
  7. an entertainment with reference to its pieces or numbers:

    a program of American and French music.

  8. a planned, coordinated group of activities, procedures, etc., often for a specific purpose, or a facility offering such a series of activities:

    a drug rehabilitation program;

    a graduate program in linguistics.

  9. a prospectus or syllabus:

    a program of courses being offered.

verb (used with object)

, pro·grammed or pro·gramed, pro·gram·ming or pro·gram·ing.
  1. to schedule as part of a program.
  2. Digital Technology. to write code for (a computer program or application).
  3. to insert or encode specific operating instructions into (a machine or apparatus):

    We'll program the bells to ring at ten-minute intervals.

  4. to insert (instructions) into a machine or apparatus:

    An automatic release has been programmed into the lock as a safety feature.

  5. to cause to absorb or incorporate automatic responses, attitudes, or the like; condition:

    Our parents programmed us to respect our elders.

  6. to set, regulate, or modify so as to produce a specific response or reaction:

    Program your eating habits to eliminate sweets.

verb (used without object)

, pro·grammed or pro·gramed, pro·gram·ming or pro·gram·ing.
  1. to plan or write a program.
  2. Digital Technology. to write computer code.


/ ˈprəʊɡræm /


  1. a sequence of coded instructions fed into a computer, enabling it to perform specified logical and arithmetical operations on data


  1. tr to feed a program into (a computer)
  2. tr to arrange (data) into a suitable form so that it can be processed by a computer
  3. intr to write a program


/ prōgrăm′ /

  1. A organized system of instructions and data interpreted by a computer. Programming instructions are often referred to as code.
  2. See more at source codeSee also programming language


  1. A series of instructions given to a computer to direct it to carry out certain operations. The term is often used to denote large-scale operations.

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Other Words From

  • re·pro·gram verb (used with object) reprogrammed or reprogramed reprogramming or reprograming
  • un·pro·grammed adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of program1

First recorded in 1625–35; from Late Latin programma, from Greek prógramma “public notice in writing”; pro- 2, -gram 1

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Example Sentences

We have not been solicited, registered or given any permission for her to attend an outside organization’s program.

We also serve as mentors to social equity applicants in the California cannabis market via the This Is Our Dream program.

That program looks into smart clean energy research and development and the effectiveness of increasing spending in that space, then advises policymakers on the best course of action.

From Vox

Honda is the first advertiser to test Total Investment Impact and has begun meeting with NBCU to go over the program’s modeling.

From Digiday

The eight remaining students could have tried to finish the class online, through the district’s iHigh program.

She completed a yoga teacher-training program and, in the spring of 2008, went on a retreat in Peru to study with shamans.

The program has not made a final selection on which upgrades will actually be included in future versions of the F-35.

In fact, according to F-35 program sources, the next software upgrades are not yet fully defined nor are they fully funded.

According to the USDA, student participation began to fall, with 1.4 million students opting out of the lunch program entirely.

But the program is just six weeks long, the Pentagon admitted Monday.

For in the whole program of peaceful socialism there is nothing wrong at all except one thing.

Nor was ever a better presentation made of the essential program of socialism.

Mildred Wallace, scrutinizing the program, merely drew her wrap closer about her shoulders and sat more erect.

However, as our line of action had been agreed upon, it was now too late for us to make any change in our part of the program.

His strong advocacy of Jefferson's agrarian program gained him a reading audience of farmers as well as statesmen.


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