[ prop-uh-gey-tid ]
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  1. (of an organism) multiplied by any process of reproduction from the parent stock: Did pumping out a lot of artificially propagated salmon have a negative impact out in the ocean?

  2. (of a rumor, idea, doctrine, etc.) spread from person to person; disseminated: The article gives readers the truth about the proposed reform while debunking widely propagated misinformation.

  1. (of disease) transmitted from one individual to another: Not only can transmission of avian viruses to mammals occur, but it can lead to propagated infection.

  2. (of hereditary features or elements) transmitted to or through offspring: Birth defects have nothing to do with evolution, as they are not propagated traits and are not a result of adaptation.

  3. (of an effect) created at a distance, as by electromagnetic waves or energy, compression waves, etc., traveling through space or a physical medium; transmitted:The propagated signal may take any of a variety of forms, including electromagnetic, optical, or any suitable combination thereof.

  4. Computers. noting an update or other alteration that has taken effect throughout a network of devices: Improper security settings or incompletely propagated password changes can cause errors.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of propagate.

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  • self-prop·a·gat·ed, adjective
  • un·prop·a·gat·ed, adjective

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