[ prop-uh-lis ]
/ ˈprɒp ə lɪs /


a reddish resinous cement collected by bees from the buds of trees, used to stop up crevices in the hives, strengthen the cells, etc.

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Origin of propolis

1350–1400; < Latin < Greek própolis bee glue, literally, outskirts of a city (see pro-2, -polis), apparently orig. the name for a structure around the entrance to a hive, hence applied to the glue from which it was made; replacing Middle English propoleos < Medieval Latin, for Latin propolis as above

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/ (ˈprɒpəlɪs) /


a greenish-brown resinous aromatic substance collected by bees from the buds of trees for use in the construction of hivesAlso called: bee glue, hive dross

Word Origin for propolis

C17: via Latin from Greek: suburb, bee glue, from pro- before + polis city

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