[ pruh-poz-i-tuhs ]

noun,plural pro·pos·i·ti [pruh-poz-i-tahy]. /prəˈpɒz ɪˌtaɪ/.
  1. Law. the person from whom a line of descent is derived on a genealogical table.

  2. Genetics. proband.

Origin of propositus

1925–30; <New Latin, special use of past participle of Latin prōpōnere to set forth, propound

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British Dictionary definitions for propositus


feminine proposita (prəˈpɒzɪtə)

/ (prəˈpɒzɪtəs) /

nounplural -ti (-ˌtaɪ) or feminine -tae (-tiː)
  1. law the person from whom a line of descent is traced

  2. Also called (esp US): proband med the first patient to be investigated in a family study, to whom all relationships are referred

Origin of propositus

from New Latin, from Latin prōpōnere to set forth; see propound

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