[prot-uh-stey-shuh n, proh-tuh-, -te-]


the act of protesting or affirming.
a solemn or earnest declaration or affirmation.
formal expression or declaration of objection, dissent, or disapproval; protest.

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Origin of protestation

1300–50; Middle English protestacio(u)n < Late Latin prōtestātiōn- (stem of prōtestātiō) declaration. See protest, -ation

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the act of protesting
something protested about
a strong declaration
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Word Origin and History for protestation



mid-14c., "affirmation;" late 14c., "avowal, declaration, assertion," from Old French protestacion "protest, protestation" (13c.) and directly from Latin protestationem (nominative protestatio) "a declaration, protestation," noun of action from past participle stem of protestari (see protest (n.)).

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