[ proh-tuh-zoh-uhn ]
/ 藢pro蕣 t蓹藞zo蕣 蓹n /
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noun, plural pro路to路zo路ans, (especially collectively) pro路to路zo路a [proh-tuh-zoh-uh]. /藢pro蕣 t蓹藞zo蕣 蓹/.
any of a diverse group of eukaryotes, of the kingdom Protista, that are primarily unicellular, existing singly or aggregating into colonies, are usually nonphotosynthetic, and are often classified further into phyla according to their capacity for and means of motility, as by pseudopods, flagella, or cilia.
of, relating to, or characteristic of a protozoan.
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Origin of protozoan

First recorded in 1860鈥65; Protozo(a) + -an
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How to use protozoan in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for protozoan

/ (藢pr蓹蕣t蓹藞z蓹蕣蓹n) /

noun plural -zoa (-藞z蓹蕣蓹) or -zoans
Also called: protozoon (藢pr蓹蕣t蓹藞z蓹蕣蓲n) plural -zoa any of various minute unicellular organisms formerly regarded as invertebrates of the phylum Protozoa but now usually classified in certain phyla of protoctists. Protozoans include flagellates, ciliates, sporozoans, amoebas, and foraminifers
adjective Also: protozoic
of or relating to protozoans

Word Origin for protozoan

C19: via New Latin from Greek proto- + zoion animal
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Medical definitions for protozoan

[ pr艒鈥瞭蓹-z艒蓹n ]

n. pl. pro鈥o鈥o鈥 (-z艒)
Any of a group of single-celled, usually microscopic, eukaryotic organisms, such as amoebas, ciliates, flagellates, and sporozoans.

Other words from protozoan

pro鈥瞭o鈥oan null null adj.
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Scientific definitions for protozoan

[ pr艒鈥瞭蓹-z艒蓹n ]

Plural protozoans protozoa
Any of a large group of one-celled organisms (called protists) that live in water or as parasites. Many protozoans move about by means of appendages known as cilia or flagella. Protozoans include the amoebas, flagellates, foraminiferans, and ciliates. Their traditional classification as the subkingdom Protozoa is still used for convenience, but it is now known that protozoans represent several evolutionarily distinct groups. See more at protist.
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