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[ pruh-vahy-der ]


  1. a person or thing that provides.
  2. a person who supports a family or another person.

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Other Words From

  • nonpro·vider noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of provider1

First recorded in 1515–25; provide + -er 1

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Example Sentences

We helped the provider pivot its value proposition and messaging to accommodate school districts’ new realities.

Previous reporting by Voice of San Diego has shown that major internet providers don’t even reach rural areas like Fallbrook, Rainbow, and Julian.

Each October, thousands gather for a conference and related events to discuss the most pressing matters facing Alaska Native villages, corporations, nonprofit service providers and 229 federally recognized tribes.

We worked closely to support employees with childcare issues, offering a variety of leave options and developing an internal referral network of available childcare providers, Childcare Connection, which is published on our employee intranet.

From Fortune

It’s an extended face shield that’s modeled off the medical-type face shields that are worn by our health-care providers.

The TVA, a federally owned and chartered electric power provider, is a New Deal legacy just like Social Security.

DISH is the first and only provider to offer the Netflix app.

No trained medical provider could possibly expect to nourish a patient this way.

The same test was also recommended by my new primary-care doctor, another “in-network” provider.

The former believed in the role of the state as a provider, while the latter favored an iron fist approach to governance.

Surely, if the earth were made for our benefit, Nature has been not only a very poor provider, but a very thoughtless parent.

Jot ain't a very good provider, nor he ain't a man that 's much use round a farm, but he 's such a fav'rite I can't blame him.

For on the morning following Geyer's death Rosalie swore to take his place as provider for the family, and that promise she kept.

Now the helplessness of this little family, for whom he was the provider, tugged at a swelling heart.

It shows a lack of appreciation and gratitude to the Provider when one is slack about cheerfully doing his part, said the Captain.


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