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[ puhk-er ]
/ ˈpʌk ər /

verb (used with or without object)

to draw or gather into wrinkles or irregular folds, as material or a part of the face; constrict: Worry puckered his brow.


a wrinkle; an irregular fold.
a puckered part, as of cloth tightly or crookedly sewn.
Archaic. a state of agitation or perturbation.


crinkle, ruck, crease, fold, plait, crumple, furrow, ruckle, tighten, squeeze, ruffle, purse, gather, compress, condense, contract, cockle, knit

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Origin of pucker

1590–1600; apparently a frequentative form connected with poke2; see -er6 and for the meaning cf. purse
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British Dictionary definitions for puckered


/ (ˈpʌkə) /


to gather or contract (a soft surface such as the skin of the face) into wrinkles or folds, or (of such a surface) to be so gathered or contracted


a wrinkle, crease, or irregular fold

Word Origin for pucker

C16: perhaps related to poke ², from the creasing into baglike wrinkles
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