Puerto Rico

[ pwer-tuh -ree-koh, pwer-toh, pawr-tuh, pohr-; Spanish pwer-taw -ree-kaw ]
/ ˈpwɛr tə ˈri koʊ, ˈpwɛr toʊ, ˈpɔr tə, ˈpoʊr-; Spanish ˈpwɛr tɔ ˈri kɔ /
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an island in the central West Indies: a commonwealth associated with the U.S. 3,435 sq. mi. (8,895 sq. km). Capital: San Juan. Abbreviation: P.R., PR



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Formerly Porto Rico.
Puerto Rican, adjective, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
/ (ˈpwɜːtəʊ ˈriːkəʊ, ˈpwɛə-) /


an autonomous commonwealth (in association with the US) occupying the smallest and easternmost of the Greater Antilles in the Caribbean: one of the most densely populated areas in the world; ceded by Spain to the US in 1899. Currency: US dollar. Capital: San Juan. Pop: 3 674 209 (2013 est). Area: 9104 sq km (3515 sq miles)Former name (until 1932): Porto Rico Abbreviation: PR
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Cultural definitions for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico
[ (pwer-tuh, pawr-tuh ree-koh) ]

Island in the Caribbean Sea, southeast of Miami, Florida. Its capital and largest city is San Juan.

Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States. Citizens of Puerto Rico are also American citizens but do not vote in federal elections and do not pay federal taxes on their local earnings.
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