[ puhl-vahy-ner ]
/ pʌlˈvaɪ nər /

noun, plural pul·vi·nar·i·a [puhl-vuh-nair-ee-uh] /ˌpʌl vəˈnɛər i ə/.

(in ancient Rome)
  1. a cushioned couch kept in readiness for any visitation of a god.
  2. a cushioned seat at a circus.
Also called pulvinus. (on an Ionic capital) either of two convex forms having on their ends two of the volutes.


Origin of pulvinar

1590–1600; (noun) < Latin pulvīnar cushioned couch, equivalent to pulvīn(us) cushion + -ar, shortening of -āre, neuter of āris -ar1; (adj.) pulvin(us) + -ar1
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[ pŭl-vīnər ]


The posterior extremity of the thalamus, forming a cushionlike prominence over the posterior aspect of the internal capsule.

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