[ puhl-vahy-nuh s ]
/ pʌlˈvaɪ nəs /

noun, plural pul·vi·ni [puhl-vahy-nahy] /pʌlˈvaɪ naɪ/.

Botany. a cushionlike swelling at the base of a leaf or leaflet, at the point of junction with the axis.
Architecture. pulvinar(def 2).

Origin of pulvinus

First recorded in 1855–60, pulvinus is from the Latin word pulvīnus cushion
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/ (pʌlˈvaɪnəs) /

noun plural -ni (-naɪ)

a swelling at the base of a leafstalk: changes in its turgor pressure cause changes in the position of the leaf

Word Origin for pulvinus

C19: from Latin: cushion
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