[ poon-tee-air-oh; Spanish poon-tee-lye-raw, -ye- ]
/ ˌpun tiˈɛər oʊ; Spanish ˌpun tiˈlyɛ rɔ, -ˈyɛ- /

noun, plural pun·til·le·ros [poon-tee-air-ohz; Spanish poon-tee-lye-raws, -ye-] /ˌpun tiˈɛər oʊz; Spanish ˌpun tiˈlyɛ rɔs, -ˈyɛ-/.

(in bullfighting) a worker, or assistant, who gives the coup de grâce to the fallen bull with a puntilla.

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Origin of puntillero

1905–10; < Spanish, equivalent to puntill(a) puntilla + -ero < Latin -ārius -ary

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Examples from the Web for puntillero

  • The puntillero came up eager to finish him and get the maestro out of his embarrassing position.

    The Blood of the Arena|Vicente Blasco Ibez