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[ pyoor-ist ]


  1. a person who advocates the strictest application of the principles or standards in any field, or who insists on purity in language, style, etc.:

    When making hip-hop he began as a purist, putting most of the focus on solid lyrics and less on working with the music and production.

  2. Often Purist. Fine Arts. a practitioner of purism, an early 20th-century style of art characterized by the use of simple geometric forms and images evoking manufactured objects:

    The Purists saw their painting as the next step in the evolution of modern art after Cubism, which they found too decorative.


  1. relating to or being a purist:

    The purist view of theater design is that if there is a column or pillar anywhere, there is a problem.

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Other Words From

  • pu·ris·tic [py, oo, uh, -, rees, -tik], pu·ris·ti·cal adjective
  • pu·ris·ti·cal·ly adverb
  • hy·per·pur·ist noun adjective
  • non·pu·ris·tic adjective
  • un·pu·ris·tic adjective

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Word History and Origins

Origin of purist1

First recorded in 1695–1705; from French puriste, equivalent to pur(e) ( def ) + -ist ( def )

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Example Sentences

So how as a purist can you really sit at the table with them?

It was like, he was the anti-Christ and we came from a snobby, purist direction.

After all, radically purist ideologies need to be sheltered from the vagaries of the world, and they can be expensive to maintain.

Despite a history of savvy political tactics, he's been painted as a progressive purist.

He's a conservative, but not a purist; he's a conviction politician—and a pragmatist too.

He died at the age of forty, the greatest literary purist the country had yet produced.

Is not the age of Nicaea a good time for precedents, O purist in matters ecclesiastical?

The above-quoted writer in the New York Press is a purist in vocabulary, no less than in grammar.

It has been said that on occasion his work contained passages a purist would not have passed.

She is not a bit of a purist and thinks more of a good thought forcefully put than of a slip in the way of a split infinitive.