[ per-soo-ing ]
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  1. following someone or something in order to overtake, capture, woo, etc.:Informed via radio that the alleged crime concerned an unpaid bill, the pursuing officers took down the vehicle's license plate information and stopped the chase.

  2. continuing to accompany or affect someone, as success, bad luck, or fame:They renewed their love, were once more torn apart by pursuing misfortune, but in the end were happily reunited.

  1. following or seeming to follow someone or something with one’s eyes, voice, thoughts, etc.:He stared fearfully at the pursuing eyes of a portrait on the wall.

  2. following or coming immediately after; ensuing: The program focuses on core courses in the first semester, and allows students to take their electives in the pursuing two semesters.

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  • un·pur·su·ing, adjective

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