[ per-vey-uh ns ]
/ pərˈveɪ əns /


the act of purveying.
something that is purveyed, as provisions.
English Law. a prerogative of the crown, abolished in 1660, allowing provisions, supplies, or services for the sovereign or the royal household to be purchased or acquired at an appraised value.

Origin of purveyance

1225–75; purvey + -ance; replacing Middle English purvea(u)nce, purvya(u)nce < Old French purveance < Latin prōvidentia. See providence

Related forms

non·pur·vey·ance, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for purveyance


/ (pəˈveɪəns) /


history the collection or requisition of provisions for a sovereign
rare the act of purveying
rare that which is purveyed
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