put aside

verb(tr, adverb)
  1. to move (an object, etc) to one side, esp in rejection

  2. to store up; save: to put money aside for a rainy day

  1. to ignore or disregard: let us put aside our differences

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How to use put aside in a sentence

  • Finally, let me ask the general reader to put aside all prejudice, and give both sides a fair hearing.

    God and my Neighbour | Robert Blatchford
  • By-and-by all pretence of formality and order is put aside and the battle really begins.

  • But he did not want any money but his own spent for it, and he believed he'd speak to Ruby Ann and have it put aside for him.

    The Cromptons | Mary J. Holmes
  • I beg you to put aside all such suspicions, and to reassure the Grand Duke, who is very much annoyed, so Rubinstein tells me.

  • He was stooping over her in great distress to lift her up, when he felt himself vehemently put aside by a woman's hand.

    Marriage la mode | Mrs. Humphry Ward

Other Idioms and Phrases with put aside

put aside

Also, put by or away. Save, store up for future use, as in We put aside all the toys for our grandchildren, or James put by dozens of cans of tomatoes this year, or She put away some of her salary every month. The first two terms date from the late 1700s, the third from the late 1800s.

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