[ kwon-tuh-fahy ]
/ ˈkwɒn təˌfaɪ /
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verb (used with object), quan·ti·fied, quan·ti·fy·ing.

to determine, indicate, or express the quantity of.
Logic. to make explicit the quantity of (a proposition).
to give quantity to (something regarded as having only quality).



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Origin of quantify

First recorded in 1830–40; from Medieval Latin quantificāre, equivalent to Latin quant(us) “how much” + -ificāre -ify
quan·ti·fi·a·ble [kwon-tuh-fahy-uh-bil], /ˌkwɒn təˈfaɪ ə bɪl/, adjectivequan·ti·fi·ca·tion [kwon-tuh-fuh-key-shuhn], /ˌkwɒn tə fəˈkeɪ ʃən/, nounun·quan·ti·fied, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for quantify

/ (ˈkwɒntɪˌfaɪ) /

verb -fies, -fying or -fied (tr)

to discover or express the quantity of
logic to specify the quantity of (a term) by using a quantifier, such as all, some, or no
quantifiable, adjectivequantification, noun
C19: from Medieval Latin quantificāre, from Latin quantus how much + facere to make
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