[ kwon-tuh-fahy-er ]

  1. Logic. an expression, as “all” or “some,” that indicates the quantity of a proposition.: Compare existential quantifier, universal quantifier.

  2. a word, especially a modifier, that indicates the quantity of something.

Origin of quantifier

First recorded in 1875–80; quantify + -er1

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British Dictionary definitions for quantifier


/ (ˈkwɒntɪˌfaɪə) /

  1. logic

    • a symbol including a variable that indicates the degree of generality of the expression in which that variable occurs, as (∃ x) in (∃ x) Fx, rendered "something is an F", (x) in (x)(FxGx), rendered "all Fs are Gs"

    • any other symbol with an analogous interpretation: the existential quantifier, (∃ x ), corresponds to the words "there is something, x, such that …"

  2. grammar a word or phrase in a natural language having this role, such as some, all, or many in English

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