[ kwahy-i-tiz-uh m ]
/ ˈkwaɪ ɪˌtɪz əm /


a form of religious mysticism taught by Molinos, a Spanish priest, in the latter part of the 17th century, requiring extinction of the will, withdrawal from worldly interests, and passive meditation on God and divine things; Molinism.
some similar form of religious mysticism.
mental or bodily repose or passivity.

Origin of quietism

First recorded in 1680–90, quietism is from the Italian word quietismo orig., prayer in a state of quietude. See quiet2, -ism


qui·et·ist, noun, adjectivequi·et·is·tic, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for quietism

/ (ˈkwaɪəˌtɪzəm) /


a form of religious mysticism originating in Spain in the late 17th century, requiring withdrawal of the spirit from all human effort and complete passivity to God's will
a state of passivity and calmness of mind towards external events

Derived forms of quietism

quietist, noun, adjective
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