[ kwahy-it ]
/ ˈkwaɪ ɪt /

adjective, qui·et·er, qui·et·est.

verb (used with object)

verb (used without object)

to become quiet (often followed by down).

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Origin of quiet

1350–1400; (adj.) Middle English (< Middle French) < Latin quiētus, past participle of quiēscere (see quiescent); (v.) Middle English quieten, partly derivative of the adj., partly < Late Latin quiētāre, derivative of quiētus. Cf. coy

Related forms
Can be confusedquiescent quietquiet quit quitequietness quietude

Synonym study

2. See still1.


[ kwahy-it ]
/ ˈkwaɪ ɪt /


freedom from noise, unwanted sound, etc.: At least there's quiet here.
freedom from disturbance or tumult; tranquillity; rest; repose: to live in quiet.
peace; peaceful condition of affairs.

Origin of quiet

1300–50; Middle English quiet(e) (< Middle French quiete) < Latin quiēt- (stem of quiēs) rest, peace; akin to quiēscere (see quiescent)

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British Dictionary definitions for quiet


/ (ˈkwaɪət) /



the state of being silent, peaceful, or untroubled
on the quiet without other people knowing; secretly


a less common word for quieten
Derived Formsquietness, noun

Word Origin for quiet

C14: from Latin quiētus, past participle of quiēscere to rest, from quiēs repose, rest

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  • quiet as a mouse

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