[ kwee-es-uhnt, kwahy- ]
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  1. being at rest; inactive or motionless; quiet; still: a quiescent mind.

Origin of quiescent

First recorded in 1600–10; from Latin quiēscent- (stem of quiēscēns, present participle of quiēscere ), equivalent to qui-, base meaning “rest, quiet” + -ēsc- inchoative suffix + -ent- -ent

Other words for quiescent

Other words from quiescent

  • qui·es·cent·ly, adverb
  • qui·es·cence [kwee-es-uhns, kwahy-], /kwiˈɛs əns, kwaɪ-/, qui·es·cen·cy, noun

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/ (kwɪˈɛsənt) /

  1. quiet, inactive, or dormant

Origin of quiescent

C17: from Latin quiescere to rest

Derived forms of quiescent

  • quiescence or quiescency, noun
  • quiescently, adverb

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