[ kwahy-ee-tuh s ]
/ kwaɪˈi təs /

noun, plural qui·e·tus·es.

a finishing stroke; anything that effectually ends or settles: Having given a quietus to the argument, she left.
discharge or release from life.
a period of retirement or inactivity.

Origin of quietus

1530–40; < Medieval Latin quiētus quit (in quiētus est (he) is quit, a formula of acquittance), Latin: (he) is quiet, at rest (see quiet1); cf. quit1 (adj.)
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British Dictionary definitions for quietus

/ (kwaɪˈiːtəs, -ˈeɪtəs) /

noun plural -tuses

anything that serves to quash, eliminate, or killto give the quietus to a rumour
a release from life; death
the discharge or settlement of debts, duties, etc

Word Origin for quietus

C16: from Latin quiētus est, literally: he is at rest, quiet
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