rack out

Go to sleep, as in I racked out about midnight. This slangy expression, as well as the related rack time, for sleeping or snooze time, use rack to refer to being laid out on a framework, here a bed.

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How to use rack out in a sentence

  • He air a layin' up on th' road yonder now—I got t' rack out an' git yo' away from heah now.

    The Red Debt | Everett MacDonald
  • Oh, my dear, I will never let you sit upon the rack out of sight again unless you are tied fast to the seat!

    The Adventurous Seven | Bessie Marchant
  • Dawvys, a plump fellow with no hint of his enormous endurance in his look, motioned rack out of the library.

    The Buttoned Sky | Geoff St. Reynard
  • Then lift the rack out, pour the syrup into the kettle and cook to two hundred and twenty degrees.

    Candy-Making Revolutionized | Mary Elizabeth Hall
  • That fellow who pulled rack out of the drink saved me from getting a soaking, as I was just going overboard after Herb.