[ rey-dee-uhnt ]
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  1. emitting rays of light; shining; bright: the radiant sun;radiant colors.

  2. bright with joy, hope, etc.: radiant smiles;a radiant future.

  1. Physics. emitted or propagated by radiation.

  2. Heraldry.

    • noting a partition line having a series of flamelike indentations formed by ogees joined in zigzags; rayonny.

    • (of a charge, as an ordinary) having an edge or edges so formed.

  1. a point or object from which rays proceed.

  2. Astronomy. the point in the heavens from which a shower of meteors appears to radiate.

  1. a refractory absorbing and radiating heat from the flames of a gas fireplace or the like.

Origin of radiant

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English, from Latin radiant-, stem of radiāns “shining,” present participle of radiāre “to radiate light, shine,” verb derivative of radius “beam, ray”; see radius

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1. See bright.

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Other words from radiant

  • ra·di·ant·ly, adverb
  • an·ti·ra·di·ant, adjective
  • non·ra·di·ant, adjective
  • non·ra·di·ant·ly, adverb
  • su·per·ra·di·ant, adjective
  • un·ra·di·ant, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for radiant


/ (ˈreɪdɪənt) /

  1. sending out rays of light; bright; shining

  2. characterized by health, intense joy, happiness, etc: a radiant countenance

  1. emitted or propagated by or as radiation; radiated: radiant heat

  2. sending out heat by radiation: a radiant heater

  3. physics (of a physical quantity in photometry) evaluated by absolute energy measurements: radiant flux; radiant efficiency Compare luminous

  1. a point or object that emits radiation, esp the part of a heater that gives out heat

  2. astronomy the point in space from which a meteor shower appears to emanate

Origin of radiant

C15: from Latin radiāre to shine, from radius ray of light, radius

Derived forms of radiant

  • radiantly, adverb

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Scientific definitions for radiant


[ dē-ənt ]

  1. Transmitting light, heat, or other radiation. Stars, for example, are radiant bodies.

  2. Consisting of or transmitted as radiation.

  1. The apparent celestial origin of a meteor shower. For example, a point in the constellation Gemini is the radiant of the Geminid meteor shower.

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