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[ rag-id ]


  1. clothed in tattered garments:

    a ragged old man.

    Synonyms: poor, shabby

    Antonyms: neat

  2. torn or worn to rags; rag; tattered:

    ragged clothing.

  3. shaggy, as an animal, its coat, etc.
  4. having loose or hanging shreds or fragmentary bits:

    a ragged wound.

  5. full of rough or sharp projections; jagged:

    ragged stones.

  6. in a wild or neglected state:

    a ragged garden.

  7. rough, imperfect, or faulty:

    a ragged piece of work.

  8. harsh, as sound, the voice, etc.
  9. (of a column of type) set or printed with one side unjustified; either flush left with the right side unjustified ragged right or flush right with the left side unjustified ragged left.


/ ˈræɡɪd /


  1. (of clothes) worn to rags; tattered
  2. (of a person) dressed in shabby tattered clothes
  3. having a neglected or unkempt appearance

    ragged weeds

  4. having a loose, rough, or uneven surface or edge; jagged
  5. uneven or irregular

    a ragged beat

    a ragged shout

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Derived Forms

  • ˈraggedly, adverb
  • ˈraggedness, noun

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Other Words From

  • ragged·ly adverb
  • ragged·ness noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ragged1

First recorded in 1250–1300, ragged is from the Middle English word ragget. See rag 1, -ed 3

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Word History and Origins

Origin of ragged1

C13: probably from ragge rag 1

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Idioms and Phrases

see run one ragged .

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Example Sentences

Rather than centering in on one main attraction or ecosystem, the park straddles a few radically different zones—temperate rainforest, glacier-capped peaks, and ragged Pacific coastline.

As if teachers, books, museums, historical sites, documents and documentaries didn’t exist, and a poop-covered statue surrounded by ragged bushes and paper-bag bench warmers was the sole repository of all Civil War information.

However, if its low-level circulation becomes shredded and ragged following its encounter with Cuba, it will be more difficult for Elsa to reorganize.

To make it through a ragged season, the NBA relied on a point guard revival.

Tucked underneath the moss-lined trunks of enormous spruce trees are two secluded campsites overlooking the ragged Pacific coast of the Olympic Peninsula.

He became delirious, his heartbeat grew ragged, his blood teemed with the virus, and his lungs, liver and kidneys began to fail.

The low crunch of packed dirt against rubber tire was overwhelmed by the ragged explosions of automatic gunfire.

We are sitting in a ragged park behind a McDonalds restaurant on the outskirts of the Ukrainian capital.

Beneath the layers of hurt, beneath the ragged laughter, I heard awillingness to endure.

The final score flattered Brazil, which had looked ragged and complacent for much of the game.

But not too big for the ragged old arm that felled it down as an axe fells the last rings of a stricken tree.

A handkerchief, once red, with polka spots, contained a ragged flannel shirt and a stocking-heel tied with a piece of tape.

Nevertheless, he was girt with a sword in a ragged scabbard hanging from a frayed and shabby belt of leather.

The girl looked round the ragged moor, brooding in the twilight, and half hesitated.

The spell was broken, and Mr. Carr took out his watch as he turned his eyes on a ragged urchin who had called to him from below.


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