[ ram-i-kin ]
/ ˈræm ɪ kɪn /


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or ram·e·quin

[ ram-i-kin ]
/ ˈræm ɪ kɪn /


a small dish in which food can be baked and served.
a small, separately cooked portion of a cheese preparation or other food mixture baked in a small dish without a lid.

Origin of ramekin

1700–10; < French ramequin < dialectal Dutch, Middle Dutch rammeken

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Examples from the Web for ramequin

  • Serve the cheese ramakins, which is cheese souffle baked in ramequin dishes, with this course.

British Dictionary definitions for ramequin



/ (ˈræmɪkɪn) /


a savoury dish made from a cheese mixture baked in a fireproof container
the container itself

Word Origin for ramekin

C18: French ramequin, of Germanic origin

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Word Origin and History for ramequin


1706, from French ramequin (late 17c.), said to be from a Germanic source (cf. Middle Low German rom "cream"), from Proto-Germanic *rau(g)ma-, of uncertain origin.

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