[ ram-pee-uh n ]
/ ˈræm pi ən /


a European bellflower, Campanula rapunculus, having an edible white tuberous root used in Europe for salad.
any related plant of the genus Phyteuma, having heads or spikes of blue flowers.

Origin of rampion

1565–75; probably alteration of Middle French raiponce < Italian raponzo, derivative of rapa turnip (< Latin rāpa; see rape2)
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/ (ˈræmpɪən) /


a campanulaceous plant, Campanula rapunculus, native to Europe and Asia, that has clusters of bluish flowers and an edible white tuberous root used in salads
any of several plants of the related genus Phyteuma that are native to Europe and Asia and have heads of blue flowers

Word Origin for rampion

C16: probably from Old French raiponce, from Old Italian raponzo, from rapa turnip, from Latin rāpum turnip; see rape ²
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