bitter, rankling resentment or ill will; hatred; malice.

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Also especially British, ran·cour.

Origin of rancor

1175–1225; Middle English rancour < Middle French < Late Latin rancōr- (stem of rancor) rancidity, equivalent to Latin ranc(ēre) (see rancid) + -ōr- -or1

Related formsran·cored; especially British, ran·coured, adjectiveun·ran·cored, adjective

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c.1200, from Old French rancor "bitterness, resentment; grief, affliction," from Late Latin rancorem (nominative rancor) "rancidness, a stinking smell" (Palladius); "grudge, bitterness" (Hieronymus and in Late Latin), from Latin rancere "to stink" (see rancid).

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