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  1. William John Mac·quorn [muh-kwawrn] /məˈkwɔrn/, 1820–70, Scottish engineer and physicist.
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  1. Thermodynamics. pertaining to an absolute temperature scale (Rankine scale) in which the degree intervals are equal to those of the Fahrenheit scale and in which 0° Rankine equals −459.7° Fahrenheit.Compare absolute temperature scale, Kelvin(defs 2, 3).
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Historical Examples of rankine

  • Thus Rankine gives that shown in Fig. 132, which is obtained as follows.

    Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II

    Joshua Rose

  • It is not enough to select his Epistle to Rankine, and speak of its unbecoming levity.

    Robert Burns

    Gabriel Setoun

  • "What you have discovered seems to have one of two meanings," Rankine said.

  • He tasted the wine Rankine poured out and lighted a cigarette.

  • It's possible that Rankine's job is more important than he's allowed to admit.