[ rang-kuhl ]
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verb (used without object),ran·kled, ran·kling.
  1. (of unpleasant feelings, experiences, etc.) to continue to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment within the mind; fester; be painful.

verb (used with object),ran·kled, ran·kling.
  1. to cause keen irritation or bitter resentment in: His colleague's harsh criticism rankled him for days.

Origin of rankle

1250–1300; Middle English ranclen<Middle French rancler,Old French raoncler, variant of draoncler to fester, derivative of draoncle a sore <Late Latin dracunculus small serpent, diminutive of Latin dracō serpent; see dragon, carbuncle

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  • ran·kling·ly, adverb
  • un·ran·kled, adjective

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/ (ˈræŋkəl) /

  1. (intr) to cause severe and continuous irritation, anger, or bitterness; fester: his failure to win still rankles

Origin of rankle

C14 ranclen, from Old French draoncler to fester, from draoncle ulcer, from Latin dracunculus small serpent, from dracō serpent; see dragon

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