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[ rash-lee ]


  1. too hastily or thoughtlessly; in a foolhardy or ill-advised way:

    She often reminds him not to act rashly, to think things through before acting.

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Example Sentences

Virginia Tech’s defense has weathered a rash of absences this season amid the coronavirus pandemic in addition to injury and off-the-field issues.

As a food allergy doctor, Kim already knew the shocking effects even a tiny dose of peanuts could have on people — everything from rashes to going into shock.

From Ozy

CRISPR’s ease of use makes the potential for rash action worth considering.

Ten days after the rash of fires in early September, parts of Oregon and Washington received welcome rain.

It’s tempting to say that the rash of incumbent losses in 2020 also means that anti-incumbent fever has reached Watergate-level highs.

They speculated why a man of such promise and talent would end his life so rashly.

Second, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to cash the check Obama rashly wrote.

Miss Eliot had too rashly taken the alarm, as Mrs. G.'s sort, though confluent, was a very good one.

Visitors who had rashly chosen to take their chance commonly passed their first night in the waiting-rooms of the railway station.

It is not to be a mad enterprise rashly pushed on regardless of danger.

He speculates rashly, drinks, and indulges in every low vice.

Do not rashly abandon your career on the railway on the off-chance of a vocal Bonanza.