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[ ras-pee, rah-spee ]


, rasp·i·er, rasp·i·est.
  1. harsh; grating; rasping. rasping.
  2. easily annoyed; irritable.

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Other Words From

  • raspi·ness noun
  • un·raspy adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of raspy1

First recorded in 1830–40; rasp + -y 1
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Example Sentences

Known as the Five Foot Assassin, the rapper from A Tribe Called Quest became a hip-hop legend in the ’90s for his raspy flows, punchy one-liners and infectious enthusiasm.

From Time

The week of April 7, she started hearing raspy coughs from inside patient rooms.

Her voice was raspy and after answering questions she paused, as if about to faint.

A deep, raspy voice seems the only vestige of the three decades he spent pounding his body with poisons.

I hear it again in my ears, as I did that day in October 1971, ardent and raspy, unchanged by the passage of time.

I heard your trademark raspy voice came from a childhood malady?

No, sorry, I speak fast, and my voice is kind of raspy because we went out drinking last night.

Sometimes a blue miasmic haze settled down, and the dry raspy hides of the elephants grew damp and they fretted at their chains.

She held out her hands; the dry raspy trunk curled out toward them.

His voice got a little raspy; it is certain that his eyes were a little dim.

It is, in truth, somewhat saturnine; rather raspy, occasionally vitriolic.

Duarte, his soft raspy words choked and unintelligible, embraced Hall.


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