/ (ˈrætˌtæt) /

  1. a variant of rat-a-tat-tat

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How to use rat-tat in a sentence

  • Our ears were deafened by the sharp rat-tat-tat of the machine guns, and by our own frantic anti-aircraft fire.

    The Romance of His Life | Mary Cholmondeley
  • That's why I don't mind tackling cabmen—they sit all day, and all they've got to say is 'rat-tat,' and they've done.

    Rhoda Fleming, Complete | George Meredith
  • In a few minutes we were replying in volume, and the rat-tat-tats of the machine-guns on either side were continuous.

    War in the Garden of Eden | Kermit Roosevelt
  • This continued for perhaps half an hour, the drum beats never ceasing their monotonous rat-tat-tat.

    The Gaunt Gray Wolf | Dillon Wallace
  • Rennett had hardly spoken when there was a loud rat-tat at the front door, and Jack Glover hastened into the hall to answer.

    The Angel of Terror | Edgar Wallace