[ ra-tan, ruh- ]

  1. Also called rattan palm . any of various climbing palms of the genus Calamus or allied genera.

  2. the tough stems of such palms, used for wickerwork, canes, etc.

  1. a stick or switch of this material.

Origin of rattan

First recorded in 1600–10; by uncertain mediation from Malay rōtan, alleged to derive from rout “scrape off, trim” with -an nominalizing suffix
  • Sometimes ra·tan .

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How to use rattan in a sentence

  • Nevertheless, this modern Epaminondas made use of the rattan in his choleric moments, and advised its use!

    The Reign of Greed | Jose Rizal
  • In one hand he carries a short rattan stick, which he twirls in his fingers carelessly.

  • It was there that I learned the art of weaving reeds and rattan, and carving curious designs upon wood.

    The Surprises of Life | Georges Clemenceau

British Dictionary definitions for rattan



/ (ræˈtæn) /

  1. any of the climbing palms of the genus Calamus and related genera, having tough stems used for wickerwork and canes

  2. the stems of such plants collectively

  1. a stick made from one of these stems

Origin of rattan

C17: from Malay rōtan

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