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/ ˈræʃənz /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular a fixed daily allowance of food, esp to military personnel or when supplies are limited See also iron rations

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Example Sentences

He begins to list them off: food rations, health clinics, education.

Revolutionary soldiers were given rye whiskey rations to get through the day.

It might be extra food rations or a higher government position.

Without meat, Sitting Bull gave up his dream of independence and asked the Canadian government for rations.

They queued at roadside snack stands for rations of peanuts, a holiday tradition.

For this reason they were obliged to diminish their rations, of which they had rather a small quantity.

She keeps me on ridiculously low rations, and if I had not brought my own outfit I don't think she would have sold me one.

This bureau distributed food rations and clothing to the Negroes and provided educational opportunities for them.

When all the chairs are feet in air, Ren announces: "Soldiers, now we have beaten the Chinese, we will have our rations."

The rations were small; and soon there was a cry that they were unfairly distributed.


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