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verb (used with object)
  1. to cut (wheat, rye, etc.) with a sickle or other implement or a machine, as in harvest.
  2. to gather or take (a crop, harvest, etc.).
  3. to get as a return, recompense, or result: to reap large profits.
verb (used without object)
  1. to reap a crop, harvest, etc.

Origin of reap

before 900; Middle English repen, Old English repan, riopan; cognate with Middle Low German repen to ripple (flax); akin to ripe
Related formsreap·a·ble, adjectiveun·reaped, adjective

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Historical Examples of reaping

  • After overcoming every obstacle, he had the satisfaction of reaping the reward of his enterprise.


    Samuel Smiles

  • For our children's children the joys of reaping, the feast, and the songs of harvest home.

    The Truth About Woman

    C. Gasquoine Hartley

  • They had appropriated Corinth, and were reaping the fruits of their fields at home.



  • But, not to interrupt you further (I continued), after sowing, naturally we hope to come to reaping.

  • It was the community which decided when the sowing and when the reaping should take place.

    England and Germany

    Emile Joseph Dillon

British Dictionary definitions for reaping


  1. to cut or harvest (a crop), esp corn, from (a field or tract of land)
  2. (tr) to gain or get (something) as a reward for or result of some action or enterprise
Derived Formsreapable, adjective

Word Origin for reap

Old English riopan; related to Norwegian ripa to scratch, Middle Low German repen to card, ripple (flax)
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Word Origin and History for reaping



"to cut grain with a hook or sickle," Old English reopan, Mercian form of ripan "to reap," related to Old English ripe "ripe" (see ripe). Related: Reaped; reaping.

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