/ (ˌriːkəmˈbaɪn) /

  1. to join together again

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How to use recombine in a sentence

  • The gases tend to recombine with the electrolyte and in so doing to give back a current equal to that which formed them.

  • Now we know that ions of opposite sign if left to themselves recombine.

  • Clinkers are made from substances which melt and recombine, forming a different material which is quite hard and does not burn.

    Mechanical Devices in the Home | Edith Louise Allen
  • The failure in this attempt to remodel ancient demarcations and recombine antipathetic populations was utter and complete.

    Gatherings From Spain | Richard Ford
  • Four, to combine and recombine any number of items required to form new concepts.

    Masters of Space | Edward Elmer Smith